Ven.Guangquan Lectures on The Heart Sutra at Xiangji Temple

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On the morning of November 28, 2015, Chairman of the Buddhist Association of Hangzhou and Abbot of Lingyin Temple Venerable Guangquan was invited by the monastery manager of Xiangji Temple Master Yankong to deliver a lecture on the essence of The Heart Sutra at the Dharma Hall of Xiangji Temple. The lecture aims to carry forward the traditional Buddhist culture, exert the positive role of urban temples, guide Buddhist believers to love their country and religion, and promote righteous beliefs and deeds.

Beginning with the introduction of different versions of The Heart Sutra, Ven. Guangquan introduced Master Xuanzang and other Buddhist masters’ hardship of translating sutras and spreading Buddhism, and illustrated the importance of listening to the Dharma and cherishing the Buddhist classics. Ven. Guangquan said that the teaching of “he illuminated the five skandhas and saw that they are all empty” in The Heart Sutra is to correct people’s misunderstanding of “being”. Troubles and pains are caused by the attachment to the self and elemental constructs. “Being” is wrongly regarded as “real existence”. In fact, birth and death in the world are not real existence, of which the true nature is emptiness.  

The profound essence of The Heart Sutra was illustrated in simple language and the audience had the Dharma joy of listening to the wise yet witty lecture in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere. Ven. Guangquan explained the title of The Heart Sutra and its content, and illustrated to the audience the boundless wisdom contained in The Heart Sutra, which says that “All Buddhas of the three periods of time attain Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi through reliance on Prajna Paramita”.

 Thanks to Ven. Guangquan’s explanation of profound ideas in simple language, the Buddhist believers had a brand new comprehension of The Heart Sutra and a delightful realization that the Buddha Dharma can be so close to our life. As long as we practice the true contemplation, leave distorted dream-thinking far behind, give up the attachment to the self and elemental constructs, and get along with others with a merciful Bodhi heart, we can recognize the true self and harvest a truly free life that features self-benefit and altruism.

Welcoming Venerable Guangquan

Buddhist masters and believers chanting for incense ritual

Buddhist masters and believers chanting for incense ritual

Ven. Guangquan lecturing on The Heart Sutra

Buddhist believers listening attentively to Ven. Guangquan

Buddhist believers participating in the daily life of the temple