Lingyin Temple Holds Prayer Ceremony for Earthquake-stricken of Taiwan

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On the morning of February 6, 2016, a magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck Taiwan, causing heavy losses to people’s lives and property. After the earthquake, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang were deeply concerned and extended sincere regards and deep condolences to the affected Taiwan people and the families of the victims. President Xi said that compatriots on both sides should always stand by one another because blood is thicker than water. His words well demonstrate the close bond between people on both sides.

On February 19, Lingyin Temple held a prayer ceremony for the disaster areas of the earthquake in Taiwan, blessing for the victims of the earthquake to rest in peace and for the survivors to be healthy and strong.

Prayer ceremony held by Lingyin Temple
for earthquake-stricken areas of Taiwan

The monastery supervisor Master Yiguang hosting the ceremony

Lingyin resident Buddhist masters chanting prayers

Dharma masters praying for Taiwan

Buddhist believers praying for Taiwan

Little Buddhist believers praying for Taiwan