Exhibition of Old Photographs of Buddhism in the Late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China Period Held at LYT

LY-Temple | 2016-09-22 | View: 2210

On July 25, 2016, an exhibit of old photographs of Buddhism in the Late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China Period was jointly held by Lingyin Temple, Zhejiang Photographers’ Association, and Shen Hong Research Group of Zhejiang University at the Dharma Hall of Lingyin Temple.

Master Benkong of Hangzhou Buddhist Academy presided over the opening ceremony. Special guests that attended and addressed the ceremony included the Monastery Supervisor of Lingyin Temple, Master Kuoren; the Vice-president of Zhejiang Photographers’ Association, Mr. Wang Xiaochuan; and Professor Shen Hong and Professor Xu Zhongmin from Zhejiang University.

This photo exhibition was authorized and strongly supported by Harvard University Library in the U.S., The Royal Library of Denmark and the descendants of western missionaries in China. Local old photo collectors also provided some valuable items. There were in total about 200 photographs on display, some of which were publicly displaced for the first time .

This photo exhibition initiated by Lingyin Temple not only demonstrates the historical and cultural responsibility of promoting the traditional culture and building a powerful country in culture, but also brought the research of the history of Buddhism in Hangzhou to a new level.

The opening ceremony

The Monastery Supervisor of Lingyin
Temple Master Kuoren giving a speech

The Vice-president of Zhejiang Photographers’ Association
Mr. Wang Xiaochuan giving a speech

Professor Shen Hong from Zhejiang University giving a speech

Professor Xu Zhongmin from Zhejiang University giving a speech

Old photos on display