Buddhist Disciples Return to Lingyin Temple and Undertake The Eight Precepts

LY-Temple | 2016-11-25 | View: 2344

On November 20, 2016, the ritual of Buddhist disciples’ returning to Lingyin Temple and undertaking The Eight Precepts. During the three-day activity, Buddhist disciples had the chance to experience the life in Buddhist temples with tolling bells and beating drums in the morning and evening. They attended morning and evening classes, and transcribed sutras by hand to explore into their own minds and cultivate inner peace.

Lingyin Buddhist Dharma masters also introduced to the disciples the history of Lingyin Temple and addressed the meaning of conversion to Buddhism. The masters also encouraged them to wholeheartedly work hard in the pursuit of Buddhism for self-interest and altruism so as to benefit the community and achieve enlightenment.

Listening to sutra lectures

Transcribing sutras by hand

Experiencing temple meals

Chanting sutras