Ninth Yunlin Cup Go Tournament Held at Lingyin Temple

LY-Temple | 2017-02-24 | View: 2184

On February 18, 2017, the Ninth Yunlin New Year Cup Go Tournament was held at Lingyin Temple in the theme of praying for New Year blessings. Participants of the tournament included 20 professional Go players from all over the country and over 100 Go lovers from various go associations and societies in Zhejiang Province. In this tournament, three players as a team played against the other and six rounds of competition were scheduled for two days. On February 19, the tournament came to a eventful completion.

The monastery supervisor of Lingyin Temple Master Kuoren addressed the tournament, “Yunlin Go Center has been devoted to the integration of the Buddhist culture and the Go culture. In recent years, Lingyin Temple has undertaken quite a few Go games as part of its cultural exchanges with others. This Go tournament have gathered Go lovers together so that they have a chance to communicate with each other and exchange experience when competing against each other. It is hoped that all Go players and lovers can take this tournament as an opportunity to contemplate on their self nature by reflecting on all choices they make in the Go game”, said Master Kuoren.


Master Kuoren addressing the participants and guests

Matches undreway at the New Year Go event

Competition results being announced

Winners and awards