Dharma Assembly of Offering to Buddha and Commemoration of Past Patriarchs Held on Qingming Festival

LY-Temple | 2017-04-06 | View: 2179

The traditional Chinese Qingming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day) falls on April 4 this year. A Dharma assembly of offering to Buddha and commemoration of past patriarchs was held by Lingyin Temple to remember and honor ancestors. The Lingyin Sangha as well as a crowd of lay Buddhists went to Master Li’s Pagoda, Hall of Patriarchs and the ancient pagodas in the temple where the relics of ancestors rest for tomb sweeping and ancestor worshiping. The ceremony serves as an opportunity to commemorate and pay tribute to past venerable patriarchs for their contribution in the promotion of Buddhism and to motivate the Sangha to work wholeheartedly on the pursuit of enlightenment and the three practices of Buddhism (morality, meditation and wisdom) for self-interest and altruism.