Training Course for Buddhist Education Personnel Held

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On August 24, 2017, a training course for Buddhist education and executive personnel from Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou officially began at Lingyin Temple. Forty Buddhist monks engaging in Buddhist education or the executive affairs of the temple attended the training class.

At the opening ceremony, the training course organizer Master Guangxing spoke of the aims of the training course,

The official leaders of Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau of Xiaoshan District always placed great importance to the spiritual construction of Buddhist temples. For instance, recognizing the difficulties and challenges faced by the Buddhist community in Xiaoshan District and have put forward new management standards and specifications accordingly, in order yo keep pace with the development of Buddhism in Hangzhou. Therefore, the Buddhist monks engaging in Buddhist education or executive affairs should value and make good use of this opportunity to learn more about temple management and Buddhist education and benefit from the training course.

The deputy director of Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau of Xiaoshan District Lou Tianying also spoke to the trainees and encouraged them to take up the responsibilities of Buddhist education and executive personnel—to promote and develop Buddhism by adapting to the current necessities and social developments.

Concluding the ceremony, Abbot of Lingyin Temple Ven. Guangquan also spoke to the trainees and asked them lest forget ouroriginal intentions and to positively acclimate to the requirements of new times. Ven. Guangquan pointed out that being a Buddhist monk not only means to have our body dwell at the temple in the mountain, but also to have our mind stay away from the worldly pleasure of five desires and personal gains and losses. He added that the actual meaning of being a Buddhist monk lies in the harmony and integration of body and mind and a true Buddhist seeks peace and delight in his practice of Buddhism. At the end of his speech, he emphasized that Buddhist monks should resort to various technological advancements in the modern media era and lead the direction of public opinions so as to establish a good social image of Buddhism.

In the afternoon, Master Fangzhen from Middle Putuo Temple gave the first lesson to the trainees on the significance of observing Buddhist precepts and passing on the Buddhist legacy. The training course would last four days, during which trainees willhave an intensive study of the essentials of the Eight Traditions, Buddhist precepts and religious policies and regulations. 

The opening ceremony

Master Guangxing addressing the trainees

Deputy Director Lou Tianying giving a talk to the trainees

Ven. Guangquan delivering a speech

Trainees listening attentively

Master Fangzhen giving lecture to the trainees

Group photo