Representative Team of Lingyin Centre for Buddhist and Go Culture Invited to Lhasa for Friendly Exchange

LY-Temple | 2017-08-29 | View: 2073

On August 26, 2017, a representative team of Lingyin Centre for Buddhist and Go Culture was invited by Lhasa Go Association to the snow-covered plateau city of Lhasa for a friendly exchange on “Mind of Go and Buddhism”. The team was led by Master Jueliang, who, together with other Buddhist masters, had friendly games with go players from various parts of Tibet and shared their ideas and experience with each other.

Lingyin Centre for Buddhist and Go Culture was established byThe Buddhist Association of Hangzhou in 2009. As a complement of the Humanistic Buddhist culture, the game of go plays an important role in the cultural exchange of Hangzhou Buddhist community with the world. Encouraging go enthusiasts to research and promote the game is of great importance to international cultural exchange efforts; hoping for positive influence on the development of the Buddhist cultural exchange, on the improvement of the cultural exchanges of Hangzhou in the international community and even on the construction of a harmonious greater society. 

A group photo

Master Jueliang presenting to Lhasa Go and Tibetan Chess Association a gift—A porcelain plate featuring a poem of Master Ji Gong on the game of go

Players in a game of go

Exchanging gifts

Friendly exchange of ideas and experience