2017 Mid-autumn Moon Festival Tea Ceremony Held

LY-Temple | 2017-10-06 | View: 2276

On October 4, 2017, a tea party was successfully held to celebrate the 2017 Mid-autumn Moon Festival. Over 300 people, including the Sangha and staff of Lingyin Temple as well as Buddhist believers from all walks of life, gathered at the Dharma Hall to celebrate the moon festival.

The Mid-autumn Festival tea party began with the Buddhist ceremony of paying tribute the moon, followed by a tea art performance and performances of Buddhist songs and classical musical instruments, such as Guqin (Chinese zither) and Erhu (Chinese fiddle), and ended with the singing of Song of Triple Gems. The annual Mid-autumn Festival tea ceremony not only displayed the profound Buddhist culture of Lingyin Temple, but also the Sangha’s benevolence, altruism and dedication to the country and Buddhism.

Ritual of tribute to the moon

Art performances

Erhu performance of Going to West Gate (Zou Xi Kou)

Experiencing Chan tea ceremony at the Mid-Autumn Festival