Ven. Xuecheng Visits Lingyin Temple and Gives Lecture to Buddhist School Educators

LY-Temple | 2017-12-18 | View: 2162

On December 15, 2017, the second day of the 2017 workshop for Buddhist school educators in China, the Chairman of The Buddhist Association of China Ven. Xuecheng paid a special visit to Lingyin Temple to give a scheduled lecture to the trainees of the workshop. Abbott of Lingyin Temple Ven. Guangquan as well as other Buddhist masters opened the front gate and welcomed Ven. Xuecheng at the front of the Hall of Heavenly Kings. Afterwards, Ven. Xuecheng burnt incense and paid respect for the Buddha in the company of Ven. Guangquan at the Mahavira Hall.

In the afternoon, Ven. Xuecheng gave a lecture entitled “Master Daoxuan’s Thoughts on Buddhist Precepts” to the trainees of the workshop at Huayan Hall. He also encouraged them to make good use of the workshop and strive for more contributions to the cause of Buddhist education.

Welcoming Ven. Xuecheng
Ven. Xuecheng paying respect for the Buddha
Ven. Xuecheng giving a lecture