Prayer Ceremony for Buddhist Patriarchs Held by Lingyin Temple on Winter Solstice

LY-Temple | 2017-12-25 | View: 2039

This year, the winter solstice falls on December 22, the fifth day of the eleventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. According to the tradition of Chinese Buddhism, Lingyin Temple held a prayer ceremony to worship and honor venerable Buddhist patriarchs and masters at the Maravira Hall, the Hall of Patriarchs, the Hall of Samgharama, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Master Li’s Pagoda and other halls in the temple. The ceremony also aims to cultivate and reinforce faith of the younger generation as well as to enhance their sense of responsibility in the practice of Buddhism. The Lingyin Sangha also prayed for world peace, national prosperity, well-being for the general public, and the spread of the true Dharma all over the world.

Prayer ceremony at the Maravira Hall
Prayer ceremony at the Hall of Patriarchs
Prayer ceremony at the ancient pagodas
Prayer ceremony at the Vegetarian Restaurant
Prayer ceremony in front of Master Li’s Pagoda