LY Temple Sangha Visit Stupa of Master Hongyi on Qingming Festival

LY-Temple | 2018-04-11 | View: 1926

The traditional Chinese Qinming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day) falls on April 5 this year. A Dharma assembly was held at Lingyin Temple to commemorate and pay respect to past patriarchs and ancestors. The Sangha of the temple as well as Buddhist followers visited the stupa of Master Hongyi at Hupao Temple in Hangzhou where they recited sutras to pay tribute to the venerable master and his great contributions to Buddhism.

The ceremony serves as an opportunity to commemorate and honor past venerable patriarchs for their contribution to the promotion of Buddhism; to motivate the Sangha in wholeheartedly carrying forward their legacy while bearing in mind the Buddhist monastic disciplines and the practice of Buddhism for self-interest and altruism.

The Dharma assembly to commemorate past patriarchs
Master Yiguang who presided over the ceremony offering incense
Lingyin Buddhist masters at the ceremony
Circuling the stupa in tribute to Master Hongyi
A picture of Master Hongyi