Yunlin Tea Ceremony Performed at The Buddhist Academy of Mt. Emei

LY-Temple | 2018-06-21 | View: 1759

On June 15, 2018, Master Zhenfa, Instructor Chen Lvfang and more than twenty others from the tea and Chan practice department of Lingyin Temple were invited by The Buddhist Academy of Mt. Emei to perform the Yunlin tea ceremony there. Over seventy people attended the tea ceremony, including the dean of The Buddhist Academy of Mt. Emei and abbot of Dafo Temple Master Yongshou, the abbot of Shengshui Temple in Neijiang city and chief monk of Wenshu Monastery in Chengdu city Master Zhihai, the vice-dean of The Buddhist Academy of Mt. Emei Master Fayuan, the graduates of Grade 2014 of The Buddhist Academy of Mt. Emei and leaders of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province, and some others from all walks of life.

With the melodious sound of Guqin, three cups of tea with different flavors and unique connotations were offered to the attendees at the tea ceremony. Master Zhihai and Master Fayuan gave a Dharma talk respectively, in which they encouraged all attendees to drink tea to assist their Buddhist practices and live an unattached life of ease. At the end of the tea ceremony, Master Zhenfa guided the attendees to return the merits by praying earnestly for the well-being of the general public and sent homemade tea and pastries to them as a gift for their attendance at the tea ceremony.

At the tea ceremony
Master Zhihai giving a Dharma talk
Master Fayuan giving a Dharma talk
Pray to return the merits