Debate Training for 2018 Buddhist Debate Participants Held in Hangzhou

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On August 28, 2018, a debate training was held for the 2018 Buddhist Debate participants in Hangzhou Buddhist Academy by the Buddhist Association of China in partnership with the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang, the Buddhist Association of Hangzhou and the Chinese Buddhism Sutra Lecture Exchange Foundation.

Attendees of the training included more than 100 debaters and leaders of 20 debate teams from 19 Buddhist academies, including The Buddhist Academy of China, The China’s Buddhist Academy of Mt. Lingyan, The China’s Buddhist Academy of Mt. Putuo, Shanghai Buddhist Academy, Buddhist College of Minnan, Zhejiang Buddhist Academy, Hangzhou Buddhist Academy, Ciyun Buddhist Academy of Zhejiang, etc.

Professor Liu Tianyang introduced the types and formats of the debate, and analyzed the roles of the four debaters as well as proper speech etiquette and useful rebuttal strategies to the attendees. By reviewing and commenting on successful debates, he also elaborated on the collaboration between debaters and reasoning skills and tactics.

The theme for the 2018 Buddhist Debate was “Unimpeded Wisdom, the Enlightenment of the Self and the Enlightenment of Others”, and the topics were about fundamental principles of Buddhism and popular social issues. The 20 debate teams from 19 Buddhist academies drew lots to decide on the debate topics, the debaters of the Proposition and Opposition for the first round, and the order of the debate teams.

The 2018 Buddhist Debate kicked off in the morning on August 29 right after the opening ceremony. The semi-final and final debates and the award ceremony were scheduled on August 31.

Professor Liu Tianyang training the debaters
Debaters listening attentively
Debate training