Refuge-taking Ceremony Held on Renunciation Day of Guanyin Bodhisattva in 2018

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To celebrate the Renunciation Day of Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) Bodhisattva, which fell on October 27, 2018 (the nineteenth day of the ninth month in the Chinese lunar calendar) this year, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou held a solemn “Refuge-taking Ceremony” at the Zhizhi Hall. The Abbot of Lingyin Temple Venerable Master Guangquan hosted the ceremony of Triratna (the Triple Gem) for the pious and blissful Buddhist believers from all over the country. After the ceremony, they officially became Buddhist disciples.

The “Refuge-taking Ceremony” started at 10:30 a.m. Venerable Master Guangquan was invited to host the ceremony by the representatives of the Buddhist believers led by Buddhist masters. He compassionately gave a detailed instruction to the Buddhist believers who were about to take refuge, informing them of the knowledge about refuge and the significance of taking refuge in the Tripe Gem, i.e. Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. He also encouraged them to earnestly practice Buddhism by attending the activities held by Lingyin Temple for Buddhist disciples, such as Buddhist lectures and weekend sutra lectures. It was essentially important and beneficial to be immersed in the studies of the Dharma and obey Buddhist principles and rules so as to be blessed with wisdom and progress.

Afterwards, Venerable Master Guangquan hosted the solemn and stately Refuge-taking Ceremony. 


The ritual of inviting Venerable Master Guangquan to host the ceremony
Venerable Master Guangquan offering incense to worship the Buddha
Master Xinyin illustrating refuge-taking to the Buddhist believers
Venerable Master Guangquan giving a Dharma instruction to the Buddhist believers
The Refuge-taking Ceremony