Prayer Ceremony to Worship and Honor Past Patriarchs and Ancestors Held on Winter Solstice

本戒 | 2018-12-25 | View: 1709

This year, the winter solstice falls on December 22. According to the tradition of Chinese Buddhism, Lingyin Temple held a prayer ceremony to worship and honor past venerable Buddhist patriarchs and masters. At 10:00 a.m., Buddhist masters of Lingyin Temple, divided into different groups, hosted the prayer ceremony respectively at the Pagodas of Past Patriarchs, Master Li’s Pagoda, Hanlian Hall, Yueheng Hall and other Buddhist halls of the temple. At the ceremony, the Buddhist masters also prayed for world peace, national prosperity, well-being for the general public, and the spread of the true Dharma all over the world.

Since Lingyin Temple was founded by Master Huili from India, the temple has produced numerous renowned and venerable masters in history, such as Master Yongming Yanshou, Master Zanning Tonghui, Master Dahui Zonggao, Master Songyuan Chongyue, Master Daoji, etc. The prayer ceremony held by Buddhist disciples and believers on winter solstice aims to commemorate and pay respect to past Buddhist patriarchs and ancestors, as well as to pass on Buddhism to and cultivate and reinforce the faith of the younger generation.

Master Li’s Pagoda

Yueheng Hall

Prayer ceremony at the Maravira Hall