Chinese New Year Gathering Held at LY Temple

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On February 12, 2019 (the eighth day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar), more than 400 Buddhist believers from all over the country assembled in front of the Dabei Hall of Lingyin Temple for the Chinese New Year Gathering.

The Abbot of Lingyin Temple Venerable Master Guangquan gave a Dharma talk to the Buddhist believers and extended his best New Year wishes to all. He said,
“As for internal advancement, one should try to perfect their state of mind; as for external advancement, one should uphold the great wisdom of Buddhism so as to build a good image of the Buddhists, show kindness to and make good affinity with others, and make as many contributions as possible to the society. I would like to extend my best wishes to you all. I wish you good health, luck, happiness and success in the coming year and always.”


Buddhist believers at the Chinese New Year Gathering

Welcoming Venerable Master Guangquan

Venerable Master Guangquan giving a Dharma talk to the Buddhist believers

Buddhist believers listening attentively