Buddhist Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Themed on Chinese Dream Held at Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou

 | 2021-05-14 | View: 1414


On the morning of May 12, 2021, a Buddhist painting and calligraphy exhibition themed on “One Hundred Years of Vicissitudes – Chinese Dream” held by Hangzhou Buddhist Association was opened at the Zhizhi Hall of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The attendees of the opening ceremony include the representatives who were in the participation of the First Session of the Culture and Arts Committee of the Tenth Council of the Buddhist Association of China. 


A number of Buddhist masters were also present at the opening ceremony, including Chairman Master Yanjue, Deputy Chairmen Master Xincheng, Master Zongxing and Master Yizang, Deputy General-Secretary and Director of the Culture and Arts Committee Master Qiushuang of the Buddhist Association of China. The standing Deputy Chairman of Hangzhou Buddhist Association Master Yuezhen and the Buddhist masters and students of Hangzhou Buddhist Academy also attended the opening ceremony. The Deputy Chairman of Hangzhou Buddhist Association Master Jiexing presided over the opening ceremony.



Around a hundred pieces of works of calligraphy, seal carving and painting by Buddhist masters from Hangzhou Buddhist temples and Hangzhou Buddhist Academy as well as other calligraphy and painting artists were displayed at the exhibition, featuring the Chinese traditional culture. One can also find western artist works of oil painting at the exhibition. The exhibits have distinct themes and rich connotations. They have fully expressed the pride and bliss of Hangzhou people in the healthy and orderly development of Buddhism under the lead of the Party and the government.