Reopening of Lingyin Temple

 | 2021-12-21 | View: 962


Starting December 21, 2021, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou has reopened to the public in an orderly manner under normalized COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

The previous outbreak in Hangzhou has been contained and stabilized. In order to facilitate the implementation of normalized COVID-19 prevention and control measures and promote the full recovery of socioeconomic order, Lingyin Temple has decided to reopen to the public in an orderly manner with restricted numbers of visitors and ticket reservations to avoid peak times.  

Visitors to Lingyin Temple should carry out self-protection measures including wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, as well as keeping social distance of one meter from others. In addition, real-name registration, body temperature screening, and health QR code checks should be strictly implemented. A negative nucleic acid test result within 48 hours is also required from visitors coming from medium and high risk areas. We must build an awareness for risk control and prevention. Thank you very much for your cooperation.