Officials from Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs Investigate Lingyin Temple’s Digital Evolution

 | 2022-05-07 | View: 765


On the morning of May 6, 2022, Mr. Wang Dehao, member and second-class counsel of the Party Leadership Group of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs led a group to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou to investigate and provide guidance for its construction of integrated service system as well as the application scenarios of the system. 

As they visited the digital hall of Lingyin Temple, the technicians in charge gave a briefing on the progress and future development plans of the integrated service system and its application scenarios. Mr. Wang fully recognized the efforts made by Lingyin Temple in digital evolution as a religious body as well as its efficient and modern management of the temple. He emphasized the necessity of bringing modern management concepts and advanced management systems into the digital evolution program so as to meet major needs. In this way, digital evolution can play a useful and active role in the management of the temple so that it can provide better social services to the public. Mr. Wang also suggested that a smooth transition from the previous system to the one being developed at present should be guaranteed without adverse effects on the function and application of the system. In addition, Lingyin Temple should strive to set a model in digital evolution for other Buddhist temples across the country and share with them experience and knowledge in this field, added Mr. Wang.