The 4th Fan Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Held by Hangzhou Buddhist Academy

 | 2022-07-26 | View: 697


In this scorching summer, the 4th Fan Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition with the theme of “Coolness Within Striking Distance” was held by the School of Buddhist Art, Hangzhou Buddhist Academy at the Dharma Hall of Lingyin Temple on July 19. 


Holding a Chinese fan in hand is not only for coolness, but also connotes a cultural symbol to men of letters in ancient China – beauty, gracefulness and goodness. Throughout history, writers and poets have used the specific designs of calligraphy and painting on a fan to show sentiment, talent or wisdom. The fantastic fans on display were created by the Buddhist students from the School of Buddhist Art in their art courses and represent their Buddhist practice with Chinese characteristics. It is hoped that visitors can be refreshed by the coolness intended by these great works of art.