Review Meeting for “Outstanding Teachers” in Zhejiang Buddhist Academies Held at Lingyin Temple

 | 2022-10-14 | View: 1095


On October 12, 2022, a review meeting for “Outstanding Teachers” in Buddhist academies in Zhejiang was held at Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou. The Director of the Religious Department Branch One of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of Zhejiang Province Lou Jiantao and Level 3 Investigator Wei Wei of Religious Department Branch Three were present at the meeting to provide professional guidance. Distinguished attendees also included the Chairman of Zhejiang Buddhist Association and Director of the Education and Training Committee Venerable Master Guangquan, the Deputy Chairman of Zhejiang Buddhist Association and Deputy Director of the Education and Training Committee Venerable Master Xianzong, the Secretary-General of Zhejiang Buddhist Association Jin Xingxiang as well as the members of the review committee and the Education and Training Committee. 

The candidates recommended by Buddhist academies in Zhejiang were reviewed at the meeting and the list of qualifiers was presented to the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee. After the endorsement of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, all relevant information, including the personal profiles of the candidates as well as the selection standards and process, would be submitted to the Buddhist Association of China. 


At the review meeting, Venerable Master Guangquan pointed out that the teaching faculty in Zhejiang have made great contributions to the Buddhist education and Buddhist talent cultivation in the province. To better improve the teaching quality and explore a new development mode for Buddhist education, more exchange meetings and seminars should be held between Buddhist academies in Zhejiang in the future. Meanwhile, more support should be provided to all teaching staff, such as encouraging teaching quality promotion, providing on-the-job education and training opportunities.