Unified Examination of On-the-Job Education for Zhejiang Buddhist Institutes Teaching Staff Successfully Completed

 | 2023-02-16 | View: 108


From February 13 to 14, 2023, the unified examination of specialized subjects of on-the-job education for Buddhist institues teaching staff in Zhejiang Province was successfully completed in Hangzhou.


The unified examination was held as specified in Notice of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of Zhejiang Province on Doing a Good Job in On-the-Job Education for Buddhist Teaching Staff in Zhejiang. All the exam entry information was reviewed by Zhejiang Buddhist Association and the test papers were designed by the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee of Zhejiang Province, The China’s Buddhist Academy of Mt. Putuo, Mile College of Buddhist Academy of Zhejiang and Hangzhou Buddhist Academy. The exam registration, arrangement and scoring as well as admission and position assignment were well organized. 


The unified examination was held at Hangzhou Buddhist Academy and the three examination subjects included politics and religious policies and regulations, Buddhism basics and Chinese. Examinees who have passed the exam will be admitted by different Buddhist academies based on their application choices. The unified examination plays an essential role in improving the overall quality of Buddhist teaching staff in Zhejiang.