Lingyin temple Offers Blessing service on Lunar New Year's Eve

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On 9 February, 2013, the most important traditional Chinese New Year Eve, 8000 visitors from all parts of the country came to Lingyin Temple to burn incense for blessing of good luck. The temple hosted a blessing ceremony and rang the Lunar New Year’s Eve Bell to celebrate the new year.

Heavy snows for two days had produced icicles of about five centimeters long under the eaves of buildings in the temple. To secure the safety of visitors, Buddhist monks and volunteers of the temple helped clearing away all potential safety hazards at around 9pm.

8000 Visitors Praying for Blessings in Lingyin Temple

Heavy Snow

Fire Engines On Call

At 10pm, the front gate of Lingyin Temple was opened and visitors who had already waited for a long time rushed into the temple. In a very short while, the temple was crowded by excited people who wanted to burn incense for blessings of good luck at the very beginning of the new year.

 Visitors Lining Up to Burn Incense

At 10.30pm, all Buddhist masters of Lingyin Temple gathered together at The Grand Hall and hosted the blessing ceremony to convey their best wishes for the country and all sentient beings. The blessing ceremony lasted for an hour.

 One Supervisor of the Temple, Venearable Yiguang hosted the blessing ceremony

At 11.30pm, with the chanting of Morning Bell Chant by Ven. Qingyue, the ringing of New Year Eve Bell began and brought quietness and calmness to every visitor in the temple.

The Chanting of Morning Bell Chant

 the Abbot of the Temple Master Guangquan and the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Mr. Huang Kunming Striking the Bell

 The crowd of visitors in the temple became more excited when the midnight was approaching. Everyone wished to be the first to burn incense to pray for the best blessings for their families. Visitors coming from different parts and speaking different languages had the same best wishes for the new year, which then was welcomed by the ringing of the bell in Lingyin Temple.

Crowd of Visitors Rushing to The Grand Hall

Visitors Burning Incense in Front of The Grand Hall

Visitors Burning Incense in Front of The Grand Hall

This year, more than 8000 people visited Lingyin Temple to burn incense for blessings. 6000 tickets were sold on 7 February and another 2000 on the New Year Eve.