Coexistence and Auspiciousness – Special Music Concert of Third China-US-Canada Buddhist Forum Held at Lingyin Temple

 | 2023-11-24 | View: 356


On the evening of November 16, 2023, the special music concert of the third China-US-Canada Buddhist Forum was held at the Zizhu Square of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou under the theme of “Coexistence and Auspiciousness”. Representatives from the Buddhist communities of China, the United States, and Canada, as well as guests from various fields, enjoyed a splendid feast of excellent traditional Chinese culture that transcends time and space and demonstrates contemporary values.


The concert began with the chanting and prayers of Buddhist monks from the three major sects of Chinese Buddhism – Han, Tibetan, and Southern Buddhism. The entire evening, centered around the theme of "Coexistence and Auspiciousness," was divided into three chapters. At the opening of the first chapter, "Origin", the melodious sounds of the "Bell Gatha" quickly transported the audience’s minds to the tranquil atmosphere of ancient Buddhist temples ringing bells and drums in the morning and evening. Through the chanting and prayers, everyone at site felt the profound and vigorous origins of Chinese Buddhist culture.


The second chapter, "Causality", began with "Farewell" by the eminent Chinese monk in contemporary times Master Hongyi as the lyricist and the American musician John Pond Oreth as the composer, a beautiful melody that bore witness to the long history of friendly exchanges between the two countries. Choral songs such as "Harmony", "Faith", "Buddha in Your Heart", "Life Is Like a Dream" and "Prayer for Blessings", musical segments like "The Eightfold Path" and "The World as One Family", as well as guitar solo of "Dedication of Merit", all expressed the Buddhist disciples’ aspirations for building a harmonious, joyful, and auspicious pure land on earth.


The third chapter, “Completion”, represents both “reunion” and “fulfillment of dreams”. The choral song "A Powerful Bodhisattva" paid tribute to the first president of the Buddhist Association of China, Master Yuanying, while also reviewing the seventy-year history of the Association’s unrelenting advancement along the path of building Buddhism with Chinese characteristics by uniting and leading Buddhist practitioners and believers and holding high the banner of love for the country and the religion. “Two Realm’s long night; World in darkness; Who may make it bright…” With the grand chorus of "Song of the Three Jewels", the concert ended perfectly.


The third China-US-Canada Buddhist Forum was held in Hangzhou from November 15 to 17 with the theme of “Peace in the Mind, Coexistence and Auspiciousness”. The forum aims to promote unity, friendship, and peace through exchanges and cooperation between the Buddhist communities of the three countries. Featuring academic exchanges and cultural activities, it encourages all parties to join hands to uphold Buddhist teachings so as to benefit all sentient beings, enhance human kindness and benevolence, promote family happiness, foster interpersonal, social and cultural harmonies, and ultimately achieve world peace.