Master Guangquan Leads Mount Putuo Pilgramage

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Venerable Guangquan with ordained and lay followers 

June 13, 2013

Lingyin Temple's Abbot Guangquan lead more than twenty ordained and lay disciples alike on a devout Pilgrimage up Mount Putuo, a holy site of Guanyin Bodhisattva. A day slated for Dharma speech was also a grand scene for cultivation. The endeavor once again displayed the advancement of modern Chinese Buddhism and bolstered the pursuit for purity, proper ways and salvation ways.



 Venerable Master Guanquan leads pilgrims from the base of the mountain

Upon morning arrival to Mount Putuo, Venerable Master Guangquan started at the majestic stone gate to bow every three steps along the ancient route up-mountain to Puji Temple. Through scorching heat and sweat-soaked cloths, these devout Buddhists' traditional display of sincerity took the group up windy footpaths for three hours despite noticeable fatigue and odd stares from on-lookers. Nevertheless, Venerable Guangquan and the group's enduring determination yielded with devotion as well as cuts and bruises.


 For the devoted, bruises of bowing on devine path


 Imprints from stone steps left marks of the quest and serves as encouragement for Ven. Guangquan and the group's advance.

Along the way, Venerable Master Guangquan frequently flipped aside the draping front piece of tradition Chinese Buddhist gown to take bows. There was that moment which he flipped aside the Abbot role of the great ancient Temple of Lingyin and was just part of the Sangha and followers. With the silhouette of sincere bows from a body bruised and drenched in sweat, Venerable Guanquan seemingly stepped off the Dharma platform as just another Dharma seeker in the display of sincerity.


 Piety in Advancement of Dharma ways


Strength of will over fatigue of the body upon Puji Temple 






Standing in the Grand Hall, Venerable Guangquan closed his hand in prayer under the stately statue of The Great Compassionate Guanyin Bodhisattva and her divine shelter. Gestures of sincerity need not have benefits; the devotion shall not solely prove one's dedication to The Great Compassionate Guanyin Bodhisattva, but to pray in respect, to seek of her divine mercy for all living beings of this world.