Over 400 converted to Buddhism in Lingyin on the anniversary of Guanyin's attainment of Buddhahood

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Blessings of turning to Buddhism on the anniversary of Guanyin’s attainment of Buddhahood

      26 July 2013, i.e. 19 June of the Chinese soluar calendar, was an auspicious day, as it was the anniversary of the attainment of Buddhahood of the most compassionate and merciful Bodhisattva, who saves all sentients from suffering. On this very day, Abbot Venerable Guangquan preached Buddhist precepts in person in the Forthright Hall to over four hundred believers, so that they would be able to turn to Buddhist Dharma for physical, mental and spiritual balance, and to cope with the mobile and ever-changing life when they are under stress from professional and personal life.
At one o’clock in the afternoon, the believers who came for the conversion gathered in the Main Hall of Lingyin Forthright Hall listening attentively to the rituals and rites of conversion--for instance, the right way to worship, to burn incense and to confess, and such--as explained by Venerables.

Venerable Xinru who is also staff of the Temple Guest House explaining rituals of conversion to the audience

Venerable Karmadana Manager Songrui modeling conversion rituals to the audience

At three o’clock in the afternoon, with solemn Buddhist music in the background which accompanied the welcoming ceremony for Triratna (TripleGem) and various Buddhas, Abbot Venerable Guangquan was invited by the audience to head for the Main Hall, where he would host the ceremony. During the ceremony he would raise the Dharma-sana and preach the Buddhist dharma, and help the sincere disciples of Buddha through the conversion.
Following the Karmadana manager, who lead the rituals and modeled, the disciples burnt incense and worshipped the Triratna as well as Venerable Guagnquan with great respect and piety.

Worshipping Triratna

The Venerable then started to preach, so as to enlighten the audience before the conversion. He praised the sincerity with which the believers convert to Triratna, and explained to the audience the essence of it: the Buddha is the one who leads, the Dharma is the one that liberates, and the Sangha the ones that accompany throughout the practice. It is Triratna that holds up the tripod bronze cauldron in front of Mahavira Hall, Lingyin Temple, from falling since Ming Dynasty, and it is Triratna that lasts Buddhism, so that it lightens up humanity.

Abbot Venerable Guangquan preaching with great compassion

At this very moment, it poured and thundered, and the power and compassion of the Buddhist world was manifested in such phenomena. Meanwhile, over three hundred believers stood respectfully, listening attentively to the preaching, absorbed in delightful coolness and immense joy.

Disciples listening to the preaching from the master after completion of the rituals

After the preaching, the conversion ceremony formally started. The audience invited the holy Triratna to be the witness of the conversion. Following Venerable Guangquan, the disciples confessed their past sins, and obtained immense peace of mind. Afterwards, the audience followed the venerable, chanting and vowing, expressing their will to convert, and achieving the inner power to abide by the precepts. The whole ceremony was carried out strictly according to Buddhist rituals with peace, sanctity and dignity.

The audience seeing off the conversion practitioner

After the conversion ceremony, all received the conversion certificate, which is blessed by Triratna and stamped by the temple, and formally became faithful Buddhist disciples that would serve the society.

The disciples received the conversion certificates with great delight