Lingyin Buddhists starts summer retreat for group practice of Avatamsaka

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Lingyin Buddhists starts varās (summer retreat) for group practice of Avatamsaka

On May 13th, 2014 ( April 15th of the Chinese Lunar calendar),Sangha and lay Buddhists of Lingyin Temple gathered at the Mahavira Hall during the morning recital to join Abbot Venerable Guangquan for the territory-setting and Karman ceremonies he led. The ceremonies, organized according to Buddhist custom, marked the official start of the varās (summer retreat) of this year for Lingyin Sangha, and aimed to remind all believers of the Buddhist doctrines and precepts and to motivate them to advance their practice of Buddhist Dharma.

At 8.30am, Abbot Guangquan also led the incense-burning and tablet-installing ceremonies during the solemn Lingyin Dharma Assembly of Avatamsaka Group Practice, which was held in the Medicine Buddha Hall. During this supreme Dharma Assembly, organized for the benefit of both the living and the deceased, the Sangha prayed for the fortune and longevity of the living and the exemption from suffering and arrival at the Pure Land of the deceased. They also prayed for worldly peace, for the harmony of the society harmony, for the prosperity of the country and for the happiness of all people. In the coming three months of summer retreat after the assembly, Lingyin Sangha will stay in the temple for the intensive daily study of the Avatamsaka Sutra and devote themselves to Buddhist practice.


Entering the sacred territory for varās (summer retreat)


Karman ceremony before the varās (summer retreat)


Master Venerable Guangquan leading the Dharma Assembly of Avatamsaka Group Practice


Mahavira Hall resounded with chants



Visitors and lay believers joining the ceremony with delight

Chanting with devotion