Abbot Guangquan attends Opening Ceremony for Ningbang Temple of Suzhou, Jiangsu

LY-Temple | 2014-05-23 | View: 1404

May 18th, 2014— Suzhou, Jiangsu, Lingyin Temple's Abbot Guangquan attended the opening ceremony of Ningbang Temple of Qionglong Mountain. The opening ceremony began with sanctification ritual for the Buddhist statues in the temple’s Main Hall. Among the many Venerable Masters, the ceremony also featured the Buddhist Association of Jiangsu’s Chairperson, Master Xincheng and Vice president, Master Puren. There, the attendees gave their congratulations and well-wishes to Master Changde that Ningbang Temple would prosper under his guidance.
Qionglong Mountain’s Ningbang temple was built during the Liang Dynasty, but prior to the Tang Dynasty the name was Haiyun (sea of Clouds) Chan Temple. During the Southern Song Dynasty, because General Han Shizhong’s men were tonsured there and lived in retreat while cultivating Chan (Zen), the name was then changed to Ningbang Temple, in the hopes of bringing peace to the nation (“ning” meaning “tranquil” and “bang” meaning “nation”). Today, Ningbang Temple contains the Gate Palace, Haiyun Chan Cave, the Mahavira (Main) Hall, Haiyun Quarters, Bell Tower, Drum Tower and other temple architectural structures.