Third Annual Lu Ban Forum at Zhejiang University Featured Abbot Master Guangquan as Guest Speaker

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On the morning of May 25th, 2014, the organizers of the third Zhejiang University’s Program for Enterprise Management (Lu’s Course) invited Lingyin Temple’s Abbot, Master Guangquan to give a lecture on “Zen and Life” at the Lu Ban Forum. In attendence were more than 500 guests and scholars as well as organizations associated with this event. Abbot Guangquan used Lingyin Temple’s ancient architecture’s historical resonance in a vivid metaphor about the professional direction of the scholars. He compared the Buddhist concept of space and modern science’s cutting edge achievements; the Buddhist wisdom that all living beings are equal and the harmonious relationship between people as well as between man and nature; the Buddhist perspective that true meaning lies in the impermanence of life to inspire the masses to have a diligent and dedicated attitude towards society; the Zen perspective on a life of wisdom to elucidate the relationship between Zen and life.

Master Guangquan lectures on “Chan and Life” at the Third Lu Ban Forum

Zhejiang University’s Third Lu Ban Forum

Scholars in attendance raise questions Master Guangquan