Overseas Chinese Media Association Of Zhejiang Immersed in the Buddhist Culture of Lingyin Temple

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June 26, 2014--Guests comprised of seventy international journalists and media representatives from The Overseas Chinese Media Association of Zhejiang spent the day absorbed in the magnificent Lingyin culture at the heart of the southeast Buddhist nation of China. The media association's presence span twenty countries, with a prominent turnout of representatives from U.S., Japan, France, Italy, and Canada.  
Amidst the melodious instrumental opening performance of the pipa (Chinese lute), Abbot Guangquan began a Dharma talk on the current conformation of Buddhism in media--the Abbot welcomes all to visit and experience the exemplification of Chinese historical culture and Buddhist culture of Lingyin Temple, particularly with the rising global influence of Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophies. When the timing is appropriate, Lingyin temple shall also establish presence overseas, to fulfill the duties of spreading Dharma through temples abroad, while contributing to the existing efforts in Buddhism. Venerable Huicheng followed with a talk on the Heart Sutra and discussion with the topic of wisdom in worldly life.
For generations, overseas Chinese media has been the source for voices between home and abroad, a reflection of kinship overseas, as well as the bridge of the global communities and the old country. On a macro level, overseas Chinese media serves as a hub of communication, but most importantly, a proper diffusion and representation of the Chinese culture. 
The guests also raised questions in Buddhism, through which they demonstrated their righteous position in supporting the endeavor of spreading Buddhism and proper representations of Chinese culture. At the conclusion of the exchanges were well wishes for Abbot Guangquan and the hopes that he will lead this endeavor internationally, for fruitful efforts in Dharma.
Dharma discussions with Venerable from Lingyin Temple

Overseas Chinese Media Association Of Zhejiang taking in the Buddhist Culture of Lingyin Temple

Overseas Chinese Media Association Of Zhejiang taking in the Buddhist Culture of Lingyin Temple

Venerable Huicheng discusses the Heart Sutra

Chan tea ceremony demonstration

Questions from the floor and interaction with Abbot Guangquan

Discussions in Dharma