Abbot Guangquan Leads Disciples on Three-Step-One-Bow Pilgrimage at Mount Putuo

LY-Temple | 2014-07-11 | View: 1676

July 2, 2014- Abbot Venerable Guanquan lead Buddhism's Four Groups of Disciples (monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen) of Lingyin Temple, including the Lingyin Temple volunteer staff, on a devout pilgrimage up Mount Putuo on the seaside of Zhejiang Province. The group totaling more than fifty individuals put on display their devotion for proper cultivation and sincere reverence for Guanyin Bohdisattva--Godess of Mercy, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion for whom the holy site of Mount Putuo was dedicated. 

Waiting quietly were the members of the Lingyin Temple volunteer staff upon the Abbot's arrival at 8:30am. The quest began promptly from the stone mountain gate, bowing every three steps, and proceeded on the ancient footpath leading up to Puji Temple. The weather was on the side of the faithful for the most part--having rained all of the weeks prior--overcast yet relatively cool day.

Chants of "Namo Guanshiyin Pusha..." for Avalokitesvara echoed in the hearts and murmurs of the three-step-one-bow pilgrims as the clouds lifted to let through rays of sunlight. Puddles below were only getting their first rays, too, as the group seemingly sloshed up the soaked road in the splatter of rainwater, mud, and their own sweat; the long patch of wet knee prints in the sun was stamped with the determination for pursuit of purity, for the salvation ways.

The steady pace brought them to the crest of a hilly stretch when glimpses of yellow structures appeared, lined with lush, tall trees, and a lake view that immediately lifted excess thoughts for serenity. The group approached the crowd of friends, visitors, relatives, and strangers, all onlookers in excitement, gesturing in Buddhist prayers, bows, chants...and opening a path to split the crowd as the pilgrim stepped and bowed upon Puji Temple.

There are moments when Venerable Guangquan flipped aside the draping front piece of his traditional Buddhist gown, flipping aside the abbot role of the great ancient temple of Lingyin, and was just part of the Sangha and followers. With the silhouette of sincere bows from a body bruised and drenched in sweat, Venerable Guangquan stepped of the Dharma platform as just another Dharma seeker in the display of sincerity. 

Chants for Guanyin Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara continued, up to the Hall of Avalokitesvara at Mount Putuo's Puji Temple, growing louder. Abbot Guangquan of Lingyin Temple lead the group of pilgrims into the Hall to complete the final bows and rituals for the quest while marking the beginning of a new pursuit for cultivation, the chants thundered through the Hall.