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Master Qingsong

Zen Master Qingsong, originally from Fuqing County, Fuzhou, was the successor of Zen Master Qingliang Wenyi, the abbot of Qingliang Temple in Jinling.

At Qingsong’s first visit, Zen Master Qingliang Wenyi pointed at the raindrops outside the window and said, “They all fall into the Eye.” But Zen Master Qingsong did not understand its meaning until he read Huayan Sutra later on. After he achieved enlightenment, he went back to Siming Mountain in Mingzhou and began to preach Buddha Dharma. The local military governor admired Zen Master Qingsong very much and followed the master-disciple courtesy in front of him. At the invitation of Emperor Zhongyi, Zen Master Qingsong went to Lin’an, the present Hangzhou, to elaborate on Buddha Dharma. Finally he moved to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, and named himself Zen Master Liaowu. “Wisdom cannot be measured by how much you get or lose; it is in your own enlightenment. If you do not understand this, wind and snow will always be wind and snow.” This is what Zen Master Qingsong usually said to enlighten people. But in his later years Zen Master Qingsong was nowhere to be found.

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