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The Imperial Stele Pavilion


The Imperial Stele Pavilion is located in front of the Hall of the Heavenly Kings at the eastern side. It possesses a stone tablet that has autographical inscriptions written by the Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. On both sides of the tablet are inscriptions for Lingyin Temple by Emperor Qianlong while the sides are carved verses autographed by Emperor Kangxi.

Among the inscriptions, those can be read clearly are as follows:

An autographical poem by Emperor Kangxi:

The golden eagle in the western Pure Land has come to live in the high mountains here.

I have seen many famous mountains but there are more here.

Great masters are living in the saint temple and luxuriant turnip floats the peaceful path.

The gods in heaven shall protect here since my royal coach has once been here.

Inscribed in the spring of Dingchou Year


An autographical poem by Emperor Qianlong according to the rhyme of Kangxi’s poem:

Walking on the road beside Flying Peak, I can see Buddhist statues sitting in the high mountains.

It seems like I have just got to know the small area of the temple but I have already heard so much Buddhist sounds.

The lights of Buddha shine on the temple as well as the whole mountain even the little grass.

Everywhere over this area is covered by the saint lights and people flood here to feel the great Buddha.

Inscribed in the spring of Renwu Year in accordance with the rhyme of Emperor Kangxi’s poem






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