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Reception Hall

The Reception Hall of Lingyin Temple stands at the eastern side of the Hall of the Heavenly Kings and the Grand Hall. The front of the Reception Hall hangs a plaque carved with two Chinese characters “Ke Tang”, meaning the Reception Hall.

The Reception Hall functions as one of the most important halls dealing with temple routines, including internal affairs, such as checking attendance on monks, maintaining discipline and managing all the temple halls, as well as external affairs relating to contacts with visitors, layman Buddhists and visiting monks. It is therefore a monastic office in charge of all sorts of affairs inside and outside.

Main officers in the Reception Hall are receptionist (Zhi Ke), inspector (Seng Zhi), chief of Yunshui Hall (Liao Yuan), secretariat (Shu Ji), chief of Zen Hall (Wei Na), assistant receptionist (Zhao Ke), etc. Receptionist (Zhi Ke) is in charge of the Reception Hall and serves as an important link between the temple and the outside world. Inspector (Seng Zhi, also named as Jiu Cha) is mainly responsible for maintaining the monastic order and discipline by supervising daily performance of temple monks in place of the abbot. Chief of Yunshui Hall (Liao Yuan) carries out the duties of receiving Yunshui monks (referring to wandering monks as migratory birds) and preparing temporary lodging under the arrangement of the Reception Hall. Secretariat (Shu Ji) takes charge of all the paper work for the temple. Chief of Zen Hall (Wei Na) shall lead the chanting of all religious rituals held by of the temple. Assistant receptionist (Zhao Ke) assists receptionist (Zhi Ke) in completing tasks.

The Reception Hall is divided into two offices, with one handling daily routines, and the other responsible for receptions.


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