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Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall

The Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall lies on the first basement floor of the Dharma Hall, which is situated to the north of the Medicine Buddha Hall. The Exhibition Hall mainly displays the collections of Buddhist cultural relics of the temple.

The Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall covers a total area of 638 square meters, installed with waterproof, fireproof, damp-proof, electronic surveillance and air-conditioning systems. Inside the hall, it houses a well-arranged exhibition of over 40 showcases with collections of cultural relics that have been treasured by Lingyin Temple for many years. These cultural relics can be generally divided into four categories: first, Buddhist ritual implements used by successive abbots of Lingyin Temple, such as horsetail whisks, Ruyi scepters, etc; second, common antiques like porcelain vases from the Southern Song Dynasty; third, Buddhist antiques like patra-leaf sutra, ancient written sutra by Tang Chinese, unearthed Buddhist images, etc; fourth, rich collections of ancient paintings and calligraphies, such as calligraphy scrolls in seal characters by Wu Changshuo, fan paintings by Ren Bonian, couplets by Sha Menghai, a portrait of living Buddha Ji Gong by Monk Zhuchan in the Qing Dynasty, etc. Through the examination and approval by Hangzhou Cultural Relics Bureau, some of the extremely valuable cultural relics are listed as protective cultural relics at three different levels. The Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall is considered as an epitome of the history of Lingyin Temple, also a real treasure-house reflecting the broadness and profundity of Buddhist culture.


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