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Still Heavy Now?

Once upon a time, a Korean Zen master, Kyong Ho, was traveling with his disciple, Man Gong, who had just become a Buddhist monk. The young disciple kept muttering about his heavy packs all the way and begged his master for a rest from time to time. But Zen Master Kyong Ho kept walking with a good spirit.

One day, while passing through a small village, they saw a woman leaving her house. Zen Master Kyong Ho, who was walking in front of his disciple, grabbed the woman’s hand all of a sudden. The woman screamed and very soon her family and neighbors came to her help. They thought the master was sexually harassing the poor woman and started to chase after the two travelers, shouting and waving their fists. Zen Master Kyong Ho immediately turned around and fled desperately. The young disciple Man Gong ran like mad after his master, with packs on his back.

The two travelers kept running and running through trails and roads, until the villagers stopped chasing after them. The master suddenly stopped by a quiet pathway, turned around, and asked his disciple: “Still heavy now?”

It’s strange, Master. I don’t even feel any heaviness of the packs while running.”

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